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Crocheted Stuffed Animals-- MADE TO ORDER!!

Crocheted Stuffed Animals-- MADE TO ORDER!!

These are handmade crocheted stuffed animals made by the Todd girls. These farm animals have a secret surprise, as they give birth!!! These can be customized and will be made upon order so please allow time for them to be handmade. Just let us know what colors or styles you want customized when you order! We are thrilled when people send checks. We occasionally have them in stock but we can't guarantee it. Thank You!! 

We are current on our stock of these. That can be both a good and a bad thing. The good thing is--- you can choose your color. The bad thing is-- it will take a few days to a few weeks to get these crocheted for you. We cannot guarantee immediate delivery of these items!

  • Shipping

    We incorporate some shipping costs into the price of the animal. That being said, it costs us between $45-$85 to UPS one into Canada. Unfortunately we have to pass that cost along to those buying these items. 

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